Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Complete Success

You can only imagine having a well-known company across the country. The blood, sweat and tears that gets put into having your own business are unfathomable to some. Many professionals hope to become a successful entrepreneur in an industry that they love. Val Westover and Stephanie Adriana have an undeniable passion for photography and their company has recently been overwhelmed with exposure across the United States. When we initially sat down with Westover and Adriana to begin planning their exclusive “Capturing True Emotion Photography Workshops” we were ecstatic… little did we know just how big of a success this was about to be.

We started off slow with just a few cities and in three short months we are currently working in Albuquerque, Houston, Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Diego, San Francisco, Orange County, Salt Lake City and Tucson. Also, we are excited to launch our upcoming line-up which is Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Portland, Seattle and Vegas. Westover and Adriana could not be more appreciative and humbled by the continuing success of their workshops. In addition, this is a phenomenal holiday gift idea for your friends and family that reside in any of the fifteen cities where the workshop is offered. Keep a look out on Groupon.com for upcoming “Capturing True Emotion Photography Workshop” deals in your area.

The Event Complete staff is beyond honored to be a part of this amazing journey with Westover and Adriana so we wanted to take the time to gloat about their success. All of their supporters are anxious to see where in the world Val and Stephanie will be teaching their photography workshops a year from now!

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