Friday, November 12, 2010

Experiencing Val Westover Photography Workshops

As you may know, Event Complete has partnered with award winning photographers, Val Westover and Stephanie Adriana with their “Capturing True Emotion Photography Workshops” for the first ever, Groupon Experience. I had the pleasure of attending a workshop in Los Angeles at the prestigious UCLA campus this week with Val and Stephanie… and what a great experience it was! I was able to see firsthand how phenomenal the workshops are due to the superb teaching techniques from Westover and Adriana. They provide so much useful information in just four hours that it is equivalent to the amount of material you learn throughout a college course. Over 100 attendees were present and the energy in the room was inspirational. During the lunch break passionate, eager photographers lingered around for a chance to speak with Westover and Adriana for once in a lifetime advice. The Photo Safari provides the attendees with a hands-on outdoor photo assignment to enhance and practice the skills they learned in the workshop. Mid-day all of the attendees went out to a beautiful area of UCLA to start shooting. We were surrounded by libraries and museums with intricate architecture, sunlight and abundant landscape… it was perfect for any aspiring photographer. I have posted a few of my own pictures that I took at the photo safari that day, and may I add that I am an amateur! I consistently heard feedback from the participants throughout the day and it was nothing but positive. “I have learned so much from this class Val, now I know what all of the buttons on my camera mean!” an attendee announced. As we were leaving the parking lot that evening attendees were stopping Westover and Adriana to personally thank them for the amazing workshop. At the end of the day, I “captured the emotion” on Westover and Adriana’s faces. I saw their love for teaching photography and what a rewarding profession it is.

Photos taken by Kim Johnson

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