Thursday, January 6, 2011

Come As You Are: Guest Speaker, Greg Winston!

Get to know one of our speakers for the Come As You Are in Five Years, goal setting workshop!

Greg Winston is a pioneer in the study of high performance in the area of sales. His innovative ideas and methods have had a lasting positive impact on the careers of many hundreds of market- ing professionals. Companies at all levels use his seminars and training programs with proven tools for increased personal and professional success. Greg has been referred to as being the best there is for enhancing motivation and creating achievement. That keeps him busy speaking at company, association and volunteer meetings.

In his early years Greg began a sales career with the Xerox Corporation and became one of their lead sales professionals. At one point in his year-to-date sales figures were 10 times more than the average sales representatives. While most sales repre-sentatives averaged 125% of budget, Winston set a branch record of 1003%. Im-mediately following that success he was then promoted to work with new hires. He used those same concepts during stints with CBS Television and Radio then Warner Bros. And now Greg brings those skills and more to your organization.

After “graduating” from the ranks of sales and into Sales Management, Greg went on to cre-ate three record-breaking sales teams. His first team was at Xerox, the second team and CBS Broadcasting and a third at Warner Bros. The teams at CBS and Warner Bros. set revenue records even with the absence of high programming ratings. Standing Ovation. Greg is one of the few speakers guaranteed to receive a standing ovation with his interactive motivational speeches and sales training. Greg Winston is the author of Opting for Opulence: 14 Proven Strategies to Master Selling in the Lux-ury Market.

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