Thursday, January 13, 2011

Come As You Are Speaker: Missy Bystrom's Bio

Do you need to get all of your "ducks" in a row? Get organized in 2011 with Missy Bystrom! Hear her speak at the exclusive Come As You Are Event on January 19th.

While I’ve been organizing things professionally for 23 years, I actually got started ‘putting things in order’ when I was 6 years old. Before striking out on my own, every job I held found me organizing spaces, systems, or in some cases entire departments. I started working with individual clients in 1993.

In my work, I strive to bring balance and harmony to homes and businesses. My clients have a desire for organization and structure but haven’t the time or energy to make head-way. My niche is tailored projects - serving clients from start to finish. I don’t rely on “canned” organizational strategies. I put things together from my client’s perspective. If they’d merely like guidance, I am able to do phone assessment from photographs or movie recordings, or advice via a ‘jump start’ with a 2 hour in home assessment. I have an extended network of collaborative partners that I rely on including real estate agents, moving companies, interior designers, IT professionals and builders. Big projects require many hands!

Home, garage, closets, office, or any space that needs an eye that can bring order to chaos is where I shine. I organize, de-clutter, and make sense of spaces and systems. I am able to downsize homes, or make a lot of things fit sensibly into any space. I thrive in orchestrating com-plete move outs and move-ins, as well as smaller spaces such as kitchens or closets. I can help you with your home office or business space, your home, your storage unit, and any space in between. I am able to coach an individual virtually from a video or a photograph via phone or email. I also professionally coach individuals or groups, and speak publicly on topics such as organizing, de-cluttering, business set ups, time management, and balance. I run a monthly organizational membership club, and am available for speaking at seminars and retreats.

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Phone: 949.374.8537

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