Friday, January 21, 2011

Thank You for a Great Event!

Event Complete's sold out "Create your future workshop,” Come As You Are in Five Years, was an overwhelming success! For years I have dreamed of creating an event that pulled in speakers covering topics that all lead up to creating the ideal future! On January 19th that dream became a reality! Feedback from the audience has been pouring in and we have received many requests asking when and where the next Create your future - come as you are in 5 years workshop will be held!

I wanted to say thank you to our audience for their energy and "bringing game" to the event! Hard to believe we were all together for twelve hours! The day flew with such incredible speakers and life changing stories. Several of you commented on your new found understanding and skills shared by experts in their field. The overwhelming theme of the day - when inspiration meets action - nothing is out of reach - got everyone thinking about what they wanted for their future.

The day jump started with Greg Winston setting the tone with a standing ovation and the momentum built from there! Next we had our very own Rock Star, Craig Duswalt the creator of the Rock Star System for Success - How to achieve Rock Star Status in Your industry. Every attendee either bought a book or a ticket or both to Craig Duswalt's Rock Star Boot Camp in March. Craig rocked the house with his stories of touring with Guns N' Roses, as Axl Rose's personal manager, and Air Supply as the band's personal assistant with key marketing tips that can be applied immediately. After lunch Cindy Ashton kept us memorized by performing several Broadway hits and then sharing her personal experience of how despite a damaged heart condition she surpassed all by singing opera.

We received great feedback on our panel discussion with Craig Kausen, grandson of the Academy Award-winning animation director and creator, Chuck Jones. Thinking outside the box has never been so attainable thanks to Craig Kausen! Craig you connect immediately with your audience! The building blocks were in motion as we then went to our next panel speaker, Missy Bystrom, CEO and Director of The Organized Connection. I was stopped several times throughout the day by attendees asking how they too could have Missy help them get their business and house in order - one of Craig Duswalt's first recommendations for jump starting your business. All the way from Oregon came our next panel speaker Sandi Thompson! She delivered an insightful message on the importance of not only maintaining our health but being proactive in our plan of attack - for example - take a picture of each glass of water you drink with your phone so at the end of the day you know exactly how many glasses of water you had, then erase! Our last panel speaker, Bobby Kelly, owner and Director of Results Only, and creator of Fit to Educate has made it his goal to ignite a change in people's perspective on life, health and wellness. I have always wondered who trains the President of the United States - its Bobby Kelly! I loved his comment about time management and how if the President of the United States can find time to work out so can you!

A special thank you goes out to our keynote speaker Tom Antion for making me look great in front of my peers! A few attendees made comments leading up to the big saying this "Tom Antion" better be great Patterson, you sure did talk him up! Let's just say he not only wowed the audience he surpassed all expectations and left the audience wanting more. It is no wonder Tom is the leading Internet Marketing resource for small businesses in the world. He breaks a complex process down into the simplest steps, making it possible for anyone to accomplish. Tom, thanks for coming to Orange County all the way from Virginia just to be part of Event Completes’ Come As You Are in Five Years. You made the event go from memorable to out of this world! I can't wait to be part of your Retreat Center (the only one in the U.S.) learning the fine points of pulling in big bucks on the Internet for four days!

I am so proud of the Event Complete staff and the amazing job they did with such incredible passion. I am truly blessed to be in business with such talented individuals and I am so impressed with the many projects you produce with so much attention to every detail! Yesterday was just one more example of a seamless event that captured the hearts of so many! Congratulations on a job well done!

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  1. We were all honored to be part of such an inspired, great event. Thanks so much Michelle!